Ramler’s latest luxury hotel adjacent to Disneyland will open in June

The much-anticipated Westin Anaheim Resort is set to wow the public when it opens in June 2021 with Ramler furniture installed throughout the brand‑new hotel.

When the Westin Anaheim Resort throws open its doors to the eager public this June, it will be the first time a newly constructed hotel is added to the Disneyland Resort portfolio in 20 years.

Westin Anaheim Ballroom

The 618-room luxury hotel will boast numerous restaurants, a rooftop bar with exclusive views of the Disney fireworks, a pool and fitness centre, and more than 50,000 square feet of meeting space including two ballrooms.

Ramler’s custom furniture solutions

We worked closely with the Westin Anaheim team to tailor our furniture solutions to their exact needs. We helped them customise our classic bamboo-style banquet chairs to match their meeting room and ballroom carpets and decor.

Ramler's Westin Anaheim Chair ConfiguratorWith our custom configurator tool, the Westin Anaheim team were able to easily visualise different fabrics and frame finishes to find the perfect match.

Ramler Vertical Table Trolley Video

We also supplied rectangular banquet tables that can be converted into oval tables by switching the tabletops. This practical and economical feature allows the Westin to adapt our tables to each event instead of having to buy full sets of both tables.

To allow easy transportation of our rectangular tables throughout the hotel, we provided Westin Anaheim with discreet wheels on each table and vertical table trolleys that can carry up to eight tables.

We also designed a wide range of convertible cooking and room service solutions for Westin Anaheim. Stay tuned for more about them in a future blog…

Westin Anaheim

Ramler is proud to be the brand standard for Westin

Ramler has been providing custom furniture solutions to Westin for 15 years and has become the brand standard for the premium chain of hotels. Our enduring partnership is a testament to the strength and history of both brands.

“The process of opening a new luxury 618 room hotel with 50,000+ ft2 of meeting space is extensive and complex,” says Westin Anaheim General Manager Carmine Iommazzo. “The Ramler team, led by Garry Ramler, were exceptional in helping us get what we need for the right price, without foregoing quality.

“From the minute that Garry and Gail walked into our office, I knew they were there to help us. They helped us work through the many different options in F&B equipment, and then helped us customize to get exactly what we wanted, and what would fit with the brand and hotel design.

“They are a genuinely pleasant and helpful group of professionals that care for their clients and work through any and all issues that arise, and really make a conscious effort to make sure you are happy with the final product.

The final product is exceptional and looks spectacular in our meeting space. I highly recommend you invite Garry and Gail to your office and talk about what you need. I know they will be able to help find what you want and need for your operation, and make sure you are a success while helping you stay within budget.”

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  1. Hallo,
    ein tolles Produkt, ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Erfolg.
    Josef Ramler

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