The Rise of Linenless Buffet Tables in Event Design

Linenless buffet tables are making an impact in hotels around the world, but what makes them special? Find out why it’s worth the investment.

In 2024, linenless buffet tables are making life easier for event organisers around the world. As well as showcasing a sleek finish, this contemporary furniture suits those seeking to improve organisational sustainability as well as streamlining operations. But how can a table deliver those things?
The answer lies in innovative design and manufacture.

Cutting Costs While Boosting Style

The journey towards sustainability and efficiency often begins with identifying areas of significant expense. Traditional linen-covered tables, while conventional, incur hefty costs due to laundering, labour, and water usage.
Our solution? The linenless table.

Adopting Ramler’s linenless tables can result in dramatic cost reductions. Imagine eliminating the need for table linens, and with it, the associated laundry and labour costs.

For instance, transitioning to 100 of our 1800 x 600mm linenless tables can lead to annual savings of $40,000.

This shift not only reduces expenses but also streamlines setup and maintenance, allowing for a swift transformation of event spaces.

Durability Meets Design

Beyond the immediate savings, durability stands as a pillar of Ramler’s value proposition. Our linenless tables are designed to endure, outlasting traditional alternatives by years.

This longevity is attributed to our unique TopEdge table edging and SmartBlock protections, ensuring tables remain pristine without the recurring costs of repairs and replacements. This resilience translates directly into an extended return on investment, as furniture replacement cycles lengthen dramatically.

Expanding Event Capacities

One of the standout features of our linenless tables is their capacity-enhancing design. Optional L-leg styles allow for additional seating, thereby increasing potential revenue per event.This innovative design can add an extra seat for every two tables, translating to approximately a 16% increase in revenue for every event. This capacity expansion not only enhances the guest experience but also significantly boosts the bottom line.

A Case Study in Canada:
JW Marriott, Tampa. FL.

Versatility is key when it comes to hosting fabulous events, and to optimise profitability and competitiveness you need something a bit special.Overlooking the lively downtown area of Water Street and boasting spectacular riverfront views, the JW Marriott Tampa Florida features expansive venue space. Key to their success in serving the busy downtown entertainment district is the ability to create bespoke seating formations that can be turned around fast.

The JW Tampa brief asked for stylish, comfortable, durable, and efficient; we got the memo, and we delivered. The building houses the largest hotel ballroom in the city, so with formality and fun in mind, we paired linenless tables with our ‘Maine Chairs’ to offer a spot of luxury. Padded upholstery, flex back comfort and ergonomic backrest is a million miles from the basic stack seats of old.

Read what Ron McAnaugh, JW Marriott Area General Manager had to say about Ramler’s contribution to this landmark property.

Innovative Event Furniture that Turns Heads

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to event planning. Headcount, theme, purpose, and catering are just a few of the considerations.
When you choose bespoke linenless buffet tables that dovetail with your seating, you can highlight your unique selling points.
The hospitality sector is competitive, so anything that helps you consistently deliver premium services is a worthwhile investment to your reputation.

If you’d like to know more about our offerings, please contact us here. We’d love to help you find a solution that fits in with your needs.

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