Environmental Sustainability Charter

Ramler strives to produce sophisticated furniture with minimal environmental impact across the furniture life cycle – from materials selection and production through to distribution, reuse recycling and ultimate disposal. We understand the need to blend eco-efficiency with striking aesthetic qualities and have developed an Environmental Strategy in our commitment to continuous improvement while meeting our environmental obligations.


At Ramler, we are committed to working closely with our suppliers to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

We not only encourage our suppliers to minimise their operations environmental impacts, but require they assist us in decreasing our facilities negative environmental effects, as well.

Ramler’s aim is to minimize the use of known contaminants and reducing toxic outputs throughout the manufacturing process.

Our finishes are formulated to maximise employee safety and minimise environmental impact. Emissions of hazardous or polluting compounds are carefully controlled and have steadily decreased.

Furthermore we take note of more eco-friendly alternatives – Ramler now replaces chrome plating with recyclable stainless steel and aluminium.


In order to extend product life, Ramler designs for durability, reuse, refurbishment and recyclable materials to keep furniture out of the solid waste stream. Our aim is to make the best decisions about using materials with recycled content with an eye toward ongoing recyclability. To that end we design for disassembly.


Ramler endeavours to use eco-preferred content that is durable and best designed for disassembly.

We believe that minimizing the quantity of materials will help minimise waste – both during production and disposal/ disassembly. We also favour materials with high recycled and recyclable content, renewable hardwood, plastic wood (Ramwood) and other environmentally friendly materials.


Ramwood is a sustainable timber alternative composite which is made from 70% recycled hardwood waste and 30% PVC. No glues or epoxy is used and is 100% recyclable.


In keeping with the GREEN games philosophy for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Ramler designed and manufactured world leading and environ-friendly cardboard seating that was place in the temporary stands for the duration of the games. This innovation and simple solution caught the attention of audiences worldwide and became one of many highlights of the 2000 Olympic Games.

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