Marriott Hotels

The Connect Chair is “Brand Standard”

The Ramler ‘Connect Chair’ has become a global phenomenon with tens of thousands in use in conference rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms and auditoriums of luxury hotels and event venues around the globe.

This multi-award-winning chair has been embraced by Marriott Hotels as a Brand Standard and has been deployed in premier Marriott branded hotels across the USA and Canada to Fiji and the Philippines.

From weddings and conferences to large scale conventions and concert auditoriums, the Connect Chair shines.

Lightweight, strong and stacking 10 high, the chair features special dual-density padded upholstery with an ergonomic flex back, integrated handle and coat hook, and a range of options that include a ganging mechanism, removable armrests and a phone charging side-tray.

Find out more about the Connect Chair here.


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