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Ramler International has been at the forefront of innovation in commercial hospitality furniture for leading hotel brands across the globe.

6 Star Furniture

While style is a subjective and elusive concept, Ramler’s formula of combining supreme comfort and timeless elegance with a contemporary aesthetic has repeatedly proven to be the perfect starting point. Ramler International works with some of the world’s top designers and architects, interpreting their ideas and bringing them into being to create hotel interiors that are as practical and durable as they are exquisite.

Make time to have a chat with the Ramler team about some of out latest projects and find out how carefully crafted guest environments can result in the most highly successful outcomes.

Playford Hotel

Rydges Hotel

QT Hotel + Motley Hotel


Hotel guests expect to be able to charge their devices almost anywhere, and providing seamless discrete options in virtually any guest space is now a reality.

Ramler was a pioneer in built-in charging technologies and now offers a host of practical solutions, in both built-in and retro-fitted designs. These can include hot-swappable power-packs for mobile and poolside applications, or discretely powered units for bedside tables and countertops.

Make a time to have a chat with the Ramler team about the ideal solution for your property.

The Aliwood Revolution

Banquet furniture has traditionally been built from timber, steel or aluminum. While each material has its benefits, they also have their own shortcomings.
Timber joints can become loose over time and surfaces easily damaged. Steel while strong, tends to be heavy and can rust in challenging environments. Aluminum is both strong and lightweight but up until now, has not always presented a premium aesthetic.

Enter Aliwood. This new solution offers the strength and weight benefits of aluminum with a premium timber-grain finish that is permanently fused into the surface, and is guaranteed to survive the demands of challenging commercial environments.
All joins are fully welded and the timber grain follows the contours exactly as would be the case in genuine timber.
30% increase in strength combined with 30% decrease in weight, is also a winning result for OH&S. Make a time to see the Ramler team to find out more.

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