Fabrics + Finishes – Old

Aluminum Frame

Powdercoated Frame Finishes:  

ND Gold Prate Bronze Silver Sparkle Sparking Iron Sand Dark Prate Black

PVD Frame Finishes:  

ND Steel ND Nickel ND Brass ND Gold ND Bronze ND Copper ND Gunmetal ND-Grey-Metallic ND Brown Metallic ND Sliver Hammertone ND Copper Hammertone ND Chrome

Uphostery Fabric:  

Dillon - Black Fandango - Ebony Winslow - Mineral Critic’s Choice - Iron Critic’s Choice - Cinder Critic’s Choice - Tabby Cat Gavotte - Grey Dillon - Stratus Winslow - Fudge Dillon - Java Gavotte - Taupe Tea Time - Adobe Critic’s Choice - Silver Fandango - Ash Tea Time - Ebony Bunnyhop - Crabapple Winslow - Deep Red Critic’s Choice - Raspberry Dillon - Cordovan Fandango - Apple Winslow - Blaze Tea Time - Apple Fandango - Amber Dillon - Fiesta Dillon - LuggageLoose Change - Gold Winslow - Cashew Winslow - Putty Bunnyhop - Gold Critic’s Choice - Tussah Dillon - Buff Gavotte - Blue Fandango - Admiral Bunnyhop - Blue Jay Winslow - Blue Chip Dillon - Ocean Winslow - Peacock Tea Time - Ocean Critic’s Choice - Lake Dillon - Williamsburg Winslow - Smoke Blue Dillon - Sage Bunnyhop - Fern Loose Change - Sage Tea Time - Olive Critic’s Choice - Sprout

Please note: The banquet chair image is digitally generated, designed to demonstrate the appearance of frame and fabric combinations. The actual product colours and textures may vary. If this is a concern, please request a physical sample before placing your order – Thanks.

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