ESG Environmental Sustainability Governance

Ramler as an organization, are committed to a program of continual improvement in environmental and social responsibility.
We take a front-of-mind approach to monitoring our environmental performance at every step of the supply chain and actively pursue initiatives to improve our performance.
To that end we engaged the services of MindClick. Their ‘Design for Health’ application, a global initiative “dedicated to improving the environmental health performance of manufacturers and their products”, independently assesses not just the overall performance of a manufacturer, but investigates the complete lifecycle of each product line.

From material selection, through manufacturing, packaging and distribution to responsible end-of-life management, each product category is classified with a performance rating.

Of the nine categories, Ramler has been granted ‘Leader’ status in four and ‘Achiever’ status in the remaining five.

Although this is an exceptional result, it is just the beginning – Ramler will continue to monitor and improve its performance to remain an industry leader in social and environmental responsibility into the future.

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