Al Stark talks about his inspiration behind ‘Watery Night’

11 August 2017

An in-demand artist, Al Stark has worked on public and private walls, hotel public spaces, a 60 metre lift shaft, sculptures, uniforms – the list could go on. Not just a beautifully nostalgic illustrator, Al really thinks about spatial dimensions and how to fill them. His recent project titled ‘Watery Night’ at Four Points by Sheraton showcases Al’s ability to think about spaces in three dimensions and how to fill them with abstract form and colour that remains quiet and subtle.

Fitting masterpieces into context

As the artwork supplier, Ramler worked closely on the high commercial Docklands project with Al.  Much consideration was given as to how a painting of this scale can harmoniously occupy and be incorporated into the continued daily use of the space. The content, colour way and form depict a watery night dreamscape that is open and suggestive in unison offering a visual rhythm while maintaining a balance that allows for a presence without imposition.

“I’m into heavy ideas, end of the world stuff, but you don’t want to rain pessimism on people when they’re holidaying.  Still, for it to be justified for me, there has to be some substance.  It can’t just be decorative” said Al Stark. “Watery nights has a narrative in it, a requiem or psychic landscape; a dreamy notion of our relationship to the Earth.”

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of the hotel lobby colour-ways; the gold in the hotel, Al created a fitting masterpiece which guests and visitors take selfies in front of to remember their visit to Four Points, Docklands.

For those that want to know, Al’s incredible wall painting took approx. 8-days consisting of 10-12 hours days to complete.  All credit goes to the artist, Al Stark.

Al Stark – Street Artist

I want it to be striking but a natural part of the hotel environment.



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Al Stark talks about his inspiration behind ‘Watery Night’

Prolific artist Al Stark talks about his recent mural in the foyer of Four Points by Sheraton, Docklands, Melbourne and about spatial dimensions and how to fill them.


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